Michael & Darla Kleiner

We moved from MI in 1998, after working in the IT/Allied Health areas for more than 20 years. We have offered post-secondary courses in all aspects of the fields and realize the importance of upgrading education and skills within an ever-changing technical framework.

Michael has a BA in business psychology from the University of Michigan, certified as an information technologist, and has A+ certification.

Darla has a PhD in Health Education and Counseling and is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist and instructor and holds various certifications in allied health.

Although the company is dedicated to assisting people with their dreams and goals of a better tomorrow, we are also believers that a Christian faith is important. As the mission of WNC Edutech promotes, we provide individual or group-centered, cost-effective training through the use of technologically advanced tools enriched by trainers committed to education and continued staff development towards health and business professions.

About Us

Allied Health

WNC Edutech provides training in many medical specialities including:  Clinical Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy, EKG,  read more

National Certification

  • NHA
  • NCCT
  • AMCA
  • AHA

​There are many facets of WNC Edutech.  One is that of IT service and repair.  We can help make IT computer/server     issues the least consuming part of your day, either at your office or home.  We do that by leveraging the best technology available to prevent issues from becoming breakdowns.  We bring our clients values and superior service knowing that keeping their systems running is our  primary concern and goal. 

We also have a variety of classes and certifications on many topics, both in IT and Allied Health.  We can also offer custom on-site training for your  organization. 

In addition, we offer career focused review and national certification affiliation for high demand medical fields.  If you have been in a health care position, but haven’t been able to grow within the position, or feel it is time to upgrade your skills, then WNC Edutech is your source.  We will work with you to determine what areas you need to enhance, and will prepare you to sit for your national certification exam in a timely manner.  Through career-focused education in high-demand technical/medical fields, we have developed training to meet the goals and requirements for your success. 

"The wonderful atmosphere and the exceptional hand-on training are my favorite part of the experience.  The lecturing is very informative and the instructors are terrific.  This is an extraordinary training facility."

Karry H.


The ability to present information to match the learning style of each student and the skill levels of both instructors was what I most liked about the course.  Each class met my personal and professional needs.  To find my own skill level on the computer was a masterful project."

Mary Jane V.

"The knowledge level of my instructor was awesome.  Darla is so great!  I wish all my classes were taught in this format."

DeAnna W.

WNC Edutech was founded on the belief that every one has the ability to learn.


Over the past three years, our staff has helped more than 200 students improve skills and prepare for better jobs. As a result, these students have earned national certifications and grown in self-esteem and confidence. We love celebrating those victories with our students.

100% of our students have passed their certification exams and would recommend WNC Edutech to a friend.

Computer Training

We offer a wide variety of classes in the latest technology.... read more